How Holocausts Happen

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “How could people have ever resorted to slavery, genocide, and holocaust? Surely we’re more enlightened now. We know better. We wouldn’t let that happen in our town.”
But DO we know better now?

In this talk I answer that question. How much have we learned from the barbarities in our historical basement? The answer isn’t pretty. Not only are we prone to forget these lessons, but we readily excuse even deadlier things operating institutionally today. Indeed the most deadly crime against humanity is still happening right under our noses, a holocaust almost 10x’s deadlier than the Nazi holocaust of WWII.

See: How Holocausts Happen 5 August 2016  [Powerpoint Presentation]
See also: Unwaging the War on Women 5 August 2016 [Powerpoint Presentation]

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