Racism Is not . . .

Racism Max RezRacism ISN’T. . .
* …Disagreeing with someone of another skin color than yours.
* …On just one side of the political aisle.
* …Patriotism or American Exceptionalism.
* …The only possible cause for a given socio-political platform (voter ID’s, Anti-Illegal Immigration, War on Terror, etc.)
* …One-directional (being racial discrimination it need not include a leverage of power, “haves vs. have nots”; see Merriam-Webster, Random House, Oxford, etc.)

Racism IS . . .
* …Racially prejudiced discrimination. That is, any manner of unjustified discrimination on the basis of race (i.e., skin color, tribe, ethnicity; see Merriam-Webster, Random House, Oxford, etc.).
* …Found in every people group, of every culture, in every civilization.
* …A sin, and another reason we need a savior (In Jesus).
* …Is a diseased ideology prone to infect our whole worldview and infiltrate our whole lives the moment we think we are immune.
* …Individual or institutional, depending on whether it’s in a person’s racist ideas/words/practices, or if it’s in an institutionalized ideology or policy like apartheid, scientific racism, social evolution, eugenics, Jim Crow laws, african slave trade, the “negro solution” (Margaret Sanger), etc.

Racism CAN. . .
* …Be a bigger or smaller problem than we typically realize.
* …Be present in a person, who is nevertheless correcting against his racism, refraining from acting on racist inclinations, or he just has other stronger causes directing him at the moment.
* …Be conquered, on a case by case basis, depending on the person.
* …Develop as a reaction against other people’s racism.
* …Develop as a consequence of naive, but well-meaning, actions like agitation-style protesting, bully tactics, reactionary policies, etc.

Racism CAN’T. . .
* …Explain everything that’s wrong in the world.
* …Explain everything that’s wrong in the country.
* …Explain everything that’s wrong in your family.
* …Explain everything that’s wrong in your life.
* …Explain everything that’s wrong in any given community (regardless of race, color, or creed).

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