Who is this guy?

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Hi. I’m Dr. John D. Ferrer. Welcome to my world. If you enjoy important issues, controversial topics, heady explorations, then this is your world too.

This blog is about cultivating an intelligent Christian faith. One of the greatest cultural assets in world history is the positive influence of Christianity. From abolishing infanticide and murderous gladiator fights to innovating the liberal arts university and sponsoring modern science–Christianity has a proven track record of effecting positive change across the globe. There is much to be proud of, but also, a lot that needs correcting. As you click through these posts and pages I pray that you find courage, hope, and insight to help you be a part of the solution and not another piece of the problem.

Key themes you’ll find here are (1) apologetics tips, a series of short comments on how to defend the Christian faith, (2) Christian comments on current events like abortion, immigration, and racism, (3) philosophical insights, and (4) theological meditations. Essentially, you get to explore in verbal form my own efforts at intelligent Christian faith.

Why do I write about “Intelligent Christian Faith”?
In my brief time on this planet, I’ve come to appreciate the value of good ideas. A good idea can change your mind. Changed minds change lives. And changed lives change the world. In this way, ideas shape the world. Change isn’t always good, sometimes it’s awful. That’s why I try to offer good ideas toward positive change.

Why me?
Why not. I’m a teacher at heart, hailing from a blue-collar family in the Southeast U.S. I gained a strong work ethic and Christian values from good God-fearing parents (Thanks Mom and Dad!). The youngest of three, I’m the baby of the family. I grew up wanting to be big enough, smart enough, and mature enough to be an equal with them. I never quite gave that up. I just shifted my ambitions from family rivalries to academics. I’ve always been too big for my britches, or, you might say, I put more on my plate than I can eat, forever attempting things bigger than I can handle. In that vein, I earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion and masters degrees in apologetics and philosophy. I’ve done several debates. I’ve published. I’ve lectured. And so on. I’ve accumulated opinions and ideas about a great many things. This blog is a faucet on that reservoir of pent up explorations. I invite your feedback and comments. I try to process my thoughts before posting, but I’m certain you will disagree with me at some point and that you’ll have some helpful correction or nuance to offer. Please share.

Some of my most popular posts are:

Philosophy and Apologetics
Apologetics Isn’t Always What It Seems
Interstellar and Whether Relativity Is a Key to Eternity
Apologetics Tip #5 Remember the Enemy

Current Events
8 Reasons Why We Must Take Illegal Immigration Seriously

Is Your Church A Pro-life Church?
5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Reject Abortion

The Freest Freedom: Are There Levels of Free Will?
Some Protestant Responses to Catholic Claims

Where Faith Leaves Ya Hanging: Relating Faith and Works

I welcome your comments and feedback. If you like a post then “like” the post. I welcome reblogs and links.

(1) Don’t copy my stuff. But link-backs to my site are fine. (2) Don’t pretend my stuff is yours. That’s lying, cheating, and stealing all in one. (3) If you really like something of mine and you want to sell it, I’m all ears if you cut me in on the profits. Let’s negotiate. I’m poor and need money.  (4) These are just my thoughts. My employers and affiliates may or may not agree with me. (5) Don’t sue me. I’m good people. I mean well. I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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  1. Are you husband to Hillary, author of Mama Bear Apologetics? Just curious! I’m a part of a book club that is reading her book. I would like to be able to point our group towards the site if that is so.

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