Why Defund Planned Parenthood?

Courtesy of Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Over the past few years a rally cry has swollen into a gale force wind shouting across America: “Defund Planned Parenthood! ” The House of Representatives on May 4, 2017 voted to defund Planned Parenthood (PP) which, if it passes the Senate, would prevent federal reimbursements from going towards abortion services. PP’s single largest revenue source–about $540 million last year–is federal subsidies (government money). As this defunding bill awaits senate approval, it’s effects are rippling across the states. Several states are pulling tax funding from PP. If Planned Parenthood lost more than half a billion dollars that would cripple if not kill their business and radically reshape the abortion industry.

But some prolifers aren’t sure what to make of this project. They have reservations perhaps believing that PP is about women’s health, or that opposing PP would harm women. Well here is a list of 15 reasons why you can be confident that defunding PP is the right thing to do.

  1. Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are typically less regulated than a dentist office–if your local dentist ran his office like a Planned Parenthood office, it would be condemned. Abortion is so politicized that it’s been hard for women’s health advocates to get any regulatory measures passed (for examples see Mark Crutcher, Lime 5)
  2. Planned Parenthood actively opposes medical regulations that would ensure they maintain admitting privileges and proximity to a local hospital. While PP claims these regulations would restrict access to abortion services, it also means that those clinics are declining safer regulations and keeping their clinics less equipped to handle medical complications.
  3. Planned Parenthood offers virtually no prenatal care–thus failing to serve the health of tiny females in-utero. By some reports, only 5% of clinics had anything to offer clients seeking prenatal care. PP does not offer ultrasounds, for example, except as part of their abortion services (to aid the surgeon in estimating fetal development and conducting the abortion). (see, Live Action, “Ultrasounds for Killing”)
  4. Planned Parenthood offers little to no post-natal support–thus failing to serve the health of tiny females ex-utero. By some reports, there is only one adoption referal for every 149 abortions, and that’s a generous estimate (in 2014; see, CNS News, “1 Adoption Referral”).
  5. Planned Parenthood is shifting their services from “women’s health” to abortions. Between 2011-2015, their own reports show a reduction in pap smears by 77%, breast exams by 60%, and HPV treatments by 37%. Meanwhile their market share of abortions has increased to 35%. The total number of abortions are dropping (hooray!) but Planned Parenthood has been taking over more and more of that market, despite the decline. It looks like there’s just more money to be made in abortion. (See, LifeSite, “Planned Parenthood Statistics”)
  6. Planned Parenthood’s chief revenue stream and focus of operations is abortion, yet abortion is profoundly unhealthy and anti-medical. Medicine is about fostering life and serving human health not intentionally killing healthy humans.
  7. Planned Parenthood would not be missed, when it comes to women’s health–there are only about 665 PP clinics still in operation, compared to 13,540 women’s health clinics. (See, Kelsey Harkness, “…Here’s a Map of health clinics”). Women who are actually seeking healthcare services (instead of abortion) have many and better options betsides PP.
  8. Planned Parenthood has uniquely benefited from racism in the form of intentional destruction of minority children-in-utero–strategically planting clinics in poor minority neighborhoods.
  9. Planned Parenthood has profoundly racist ties through its white-supremacist founder, Margaret Sanger (see, Maafa21.com and Blackgenocide.org)
  10. Paid abortion service is literal death profiteering–it is unethical to profit off of human death as that creates a profit incentive on killing.
  11. Planned Parenthood continues to soak up money from federal reimbursements that could be going to other women’s health clinics. Even if women were determined to have an abortion, they’d be better served by a hospital–where emergency medical doctors can respond to complications better than PP, which has only outpatient non-medical clinics.
  12. Planned Parenthood is no friend to women–no woman can call someone a “friend” who is trying to kill her baby.
  13. Planned Parenthood funding, from the government, implicates the U.S. government in death profiteering, and all the other negative outcomes of Planned Parenthood.
  14. Planned Parenthood funding, from the government, violates the freedom of conscience of U.S. citizens who don’t want their tax dollars subsidizing abortion.
  15. At almost 324,000 abortions last year, Planned Parenthood has killed more human beings than the total number of combat deaths in the Civil War. Only this new civil war is against our own children and it isn’t over yet.

To sum things up, the continued federal assistance for Planned Parenthood perpetuates a range of atrocities including death profiteering, racism, and financial mismanagement, all while implicating the government and all tax-paying U.S. citizens in perhaps the deadliest mass killing on U.S. soil. We could go on, and talk about the nature of abortion procedures and how it violates and harms women, or how the nature of the abortion industry exploits women, often through coerced abortion, objectification, substandard care, and even abortion surgeons raping their patients. There is a laundry list of atrocities that could be given here, but the point should be clear. Planned Parenthood does not deserve one more penny of federal funding.

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