12 inches from Tumor to Baby

In the abortion debate, the preborn child is often compared to gross or dehumanizing objects such as fingernail clippings, hair follicles, cell clumps or tumors. The reason is obvious: abortion seems more justified if it’s not REALLY a baby. The less human it seems, the less “human rights” would suit it.

Now factor in the evidence of the Kermit Gosnell story. This malpracticing abortion “doctor” has been, allegedly, facilitating live births of barely viable fetuses and then snipping the back of their necks instantly killing them. Among the horrors described of his clinic there are babies swimming around in toilets, snatched up, and killed; botched abortions where maimed babies are on the shelf crying, surrounded by other dead babies, and many other atrocities. We hear the defense lawyer describing LEGAL abortions where 2nd trimester children dodge and avoid the forceps but can still be extracted limb by limb in the abortion.

Now putting these two scenes beside each other we have the following: The preborn child is really just a tumor, lets say up through the 2nd trimester where abortion is still legal in most states. But in the Gosnell trial we are reminded how barely viable and late term abortions deal with very mobile, squirming, swimming, crying babies that fight against forceps too?

Now what then separates abortion from infanticide? 12 Inches or so. We are scandalized at the prospect of infanticide but we as a nation treat its twin, abortion, as a sacred and noble right. 12 inches do NOT separate a tumor from a baby, they separate legal atrocities from illegal ones.

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