What is Apologetics?

Apologetics: from the Greek word apologia means “defense,” or “answer.” Christian Apologetics refers to defending the historic Christian faith.

Typically, Christian apologists focus their energies on answering objections against Christianity such as: How can I know that I’m saved? Does Science Contradict Christianity? How Can there be God when there’s so much evil in the world? Can the Bible Be trusted? Is Jesus just a myth? Is religion a crutch? Are Muslims going to heaven too? And so on.

Here are some of my top posts in Apologetics:
Apologetics Tip #3 Answer The Questioner
Apologetics Isn’t Always What It Seems
Pascalian Gambling: A Solid Bet Or a Fools Wager?
Apologetics Tip #1 Love The Lord Your God
Naturalism Proves Naturalism Therefore Naturalism

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