If Republicans want to Win in November, they need to focus on this.

Have you followed #LibsOfTikTok lately? If so, you know where I’m going with this. Maybe you’ve seen viral videos about “kid friendly” drag shows? Or maybe you heard about the gay-pride parade that featured pole-dancing lessons for children? Or maybe you’ve been tracking the Drag Queen Story Hour – coming soon to your local library! Or, maybe you’ve heard of “Drag Pedagogy” – where teachers intentionally subvert parental influence in their student’s lives by breaking the gender binary and exposing children to gender-bending cross-dressing burlesque dancers known as “drag queens.” Perhaps you even know someone scheduling a sex-change operation for their 16-year old at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC?

I could go on, but you get the point.

If republicans want a red wave in November, they need to aim their campaigns at combatting gender-bending ideology in K-12 schools. The conversation has moved far beyond “gays in the military,” or gay marriage. The T in LGBTQ is generating quite a cultural stench for progressives in the democrat party. So much so that this radical ideology is setting Republicans up for an easy victory in the mid-terms so long as they don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

This radical ideology is setting Republicans up for an easy victory in the mid-terms so long as they don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

So far, campaign strategies haven’t seized on this opportunity. Maybe that because it’s not part of the age-old playbook. It’s not an evergreen issue like the economy, jobs, or national security. But it does address an even more universal concern. It’s targeting children. Dems do NOT have a winning platform by supporting everything rainbow flagged, not when it comes to indoctrinating elementary kids into a gender-fluid LGBTQ ideology and encouraging those kids to experiment with new pronouns, new gender identities, and then keep these sex-ed classes a ‘secret’ from their parents. Democrats cannot win, on large scale, if the masses knew what was slipping into the evolving platform of progressivism. The gender-queering ideology is so new, so fringe, and so unusual, that Republican strategists don’t seem to know what to do with it. Democrats torn on it. I don’t think they generally support it, but they won’t stand clearly against it for fear of the woke mob (aka, cancel culture).

Meanwhile, Republicans face a looming disappointment if they are banking on the economy, Hunter’s laptop, or Joe’s stammering to bring home the win in November. Republican candidates are already losing momentum heading into the midterms. But the gender-war of ideas is targeting kindergarteners now. If republicans don’t seize on this opportunity, they’ll likely get doubly punished for it. First, by failing to regain both house and senate. Second, they’ll lose the bigger battle to keep our kids safe from predatory progressive idealogues.


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