30 Common Biblical Objections to God’s Goodness

On April 26th I’ll be debating Phil Halper on the Problem of Animal Suffering. We’ll be on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington. It should be a rousing and meaningful debate as we will be able to broach some difficult and pressing issues.

Attached is a handout I’m making available for the audience at that debate, and for any of you who will make use of it. It’s 12 pages of small print charts devoted to defending God’s goodness in light of the most difficult objections from Scripture that I could think of. If you notice any proofreading errors or have any suggestions for how to improve the content, I welcome your feedback. This note sheet is a draft, so I’m sure there are lots of little errors scattered throughout. Thank you and God bless.

Common Biblical Objects to Biblical Morality

2 thoughts on “30 Common Biblical Objections to God’s Goodness

  1. This is very helpful, thanks for this! I especially like the difference between casuistic laws and apodictic laws. I have never heard that before but that is definitely an important distinction when looking at OT laws.

  2. Carey, thanks for the feedback. I agree, the distinction between casuistic and apodictic is critical to understanding the OT laws. We NT Christians often don’t know what we’re talking about when we deal with the Hebrew language, ancient culture, and especially ancient law codes.

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