“We talked about zombies, bigfoot, Tolkien, Jesus, and tragic contemporary issues.” Source: Jamie Greening CHRISTIAN ARTS FESTIVAL: THE ATHANATOS EXPERIENCE

–Thanks to Jamie for the shout out. Jamie did a great job as well. He models the delicate art of aligning head, heart, and hands in artistic vocation. For writers like Jamie, it’s no easy task to break out of the boxy confines of “Christian art” to produce God-glorifying stories that shatter paradigms, inspire engagement, and compel ever deeper displays of redemptive influence in our world.

–For those of you who are interested, my presentations can be found here:

* How Holocausts Happen
* Unwaging the War on Women

–Hillary, my lovely wife, did a spectacular job at the festival as well. I think she’ll be posting her presentations (slides, or the whole talk) in the next few days, but you can see her work, and get involved in her ministry at:

* Mama Bear Apologetics

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