Notes on Chromosomal Disorders and Gender

*the following is just a facebook post from me, transferred here for posterity. I suspect some of you might be having the whole Gender-Bathroom debate. This data might be of use to you.*

For everyone’s information, since this stuff keeps getting brought up. All of these have discernible conventional biological sex (M/F) with different degrees of dysfunction because of their aneuploidy (unusual number of chromosomes).

People with 47-xxy (aka, Klinefelters syndrom; see also, 48-XXXY and 49–XXXXY) are biological males but with a physical/health problem. This is not normal in the sense of a healthy lifestyle choice to be affirmed as such. It is a medical condition treated with testosterone replacement and surgery, for example, to combat sterility.

People with 45-x (Turner’s syndrome) are females with a range of developmental and deformation issues. They too have a medical condition and generally need a lot of medical care and surgery.

People with 47-XYY are males, this is fairly common (1 per 1000 males) and is considered within the range of normal.

People with 48-XYYY AND 49-XYYYY are males, and show some developmental issues including sterility (48-xyyy), and speech delay and sensorimotor dysfunction (49-xyyyy).

People 47-XXX (Triple X Syndrome) are females. this occurs about 1 per 1000 females and generally can’t be detected by any outward or developmental features. This condition manifests as a mosaic, present only on some of her cells. to the extent that it is spread through her body. Pronounced cases have some physical and developmental abnormalities.

People with 48-xxxx and 49-xxxxx are females. This is very rare and, occurring in about 160 and 30 women respectively. These are marked by pronounced deformations, and developmental problems.

Hermaphroditism and it’s physiologically similar condition of Mosaicism (45X/46XY) also known as “intersex” status is probably the closest to a “true” biological transgender state. But, their biological sex can usually be determined on a case by case basis according to the function of their reproductive system. Never do they have true dual-sex function in their reproductive organs. They cannot impregnate themselves. But, they are generally not sterile. The female-dominant hermaphrodites can have babies. There is one case of a male-dominant hermaphrodite having a baby, but that’s the only case. Usually male-dominant hermaphrodites do not have healthy enough female organs to carry a child to term. This too is a health condition treated with medicine, surgery, and therapy.

Now there are other biological qualities that can suppress the bodies receptivity to testosterone, estrogen, and so on. But this [article] is long enough already. I’m not claiming to be an expert. But it remains the case that regardless of what gender someone identifies with, the dichotomy of male-female sex still holds true as the norm.

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