Ferrer v. Dillahunty Debate: The Online Sounding Board

Austin-Peay-State-University-CampusHey everyone, yes you too.

Today is the day of my big debate with Matt Dillahunty at Austin Peay University in Clarksville Tennessee.

We’ve intellectually sparred before, so this isn’t our first time in a formal debate setting. It is however in Tennessee, instead of Texas. And we don’t have any other help on stage like we did before (shout out to Dr. Sloan Lee and J.T. Ebergard). This time It’s mano y mano.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments here. Perhaps you had a great insight but didn’t get a chance to share it in the Q&A. Well, you can share it here with no time limit. You can even rant and the debate moderator wont’ cut you off.


2 thoughts on “Ferrer v. Dillahunty Debate: The Online Sounding Board

  1. Matt,

    When you dismiss God as an explanation for physical existence, you dismiss a contender that has something in which mindlessness does not have.

    A mind can rationalize with the use of rational inference, have intentions, and work math equations.

    Mindlessness cannot which therefore means that a mind is more versatile than mindlessness, so why would this make a God a poor explanation when God obviously has an advantage over no God with respect to explaining away the nature of physical existence?

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