Seculars Against Same Sex Marriage
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I was recently on an Atheist radio program called Dogma Debate (Episode 190) with host David Smalley. I was there to talk about Same Sex Marriage. At several points in the program I referred the listening audience to a secular case against Same Sex Marriage, and even noted secular people who agree with me on this.

Now I’m an Evangelical Christian and I do in fact oppose same sex marriage (SSM). I have my reasons, and none of them are hateful or mean-spirited. I love people, culture, society, humanity, and I love the United States of America. From that loving motivation, I want social policies to reflect the best of what we can achieve, and I don’t think SSM fits the bill. I don’t, however, consider this is a fundamental tenet of orthodoxy–since a person could even believe SSM is sinful but that, for whatever reasons, it would be wrong to implement a governing policy banning it. Nor do I think that SSM is the most important issue on the news reel these days. It’s important, it’s just not nearly as important as abortion, the divorce rate, pornography, sex trafficking, etc.

Over all of that, however, I hope and pray that people can peel back from this issue the layers of animosity, tension, confusion, and general nastiness surrounding this whole debate and instead consider Gay marriage with levels heads, respect, compassion, and love. One way to do that is to utilize some common grounds, for example, by suspending religious appeals and using only non-religious evidence and argument.

I make a secular case against gay marriage here. But I speak personally as an evangelical. So I thought it might help to have a list of actual secular people who also oppose same sex marriage policies. Please don’t think that my position–though common among evangelicals–is merely a religious position. It is not. There are non-religious reasons for opposing same sex marriage.

Seculars Against Same Sex “Marriage”

*1) Ms. Jo Jordan (Lesbian, Agnostic) “Rep Jordan Stands and Speaks Clear Heartfelt Words of Truth.”

*2) Justin Raimondo (Gay Atheist) “Is Gay Marriage Good for America?”

*3) Davis M.J. Aurini: “Memetic Engineering: “Definition of Dialectics.”

*4) RockinMr.E: “Gay Marriage Addendum.”

*5) Brendan O’Neill: “Brendan O’Neill: Evidence to the Commons Committee on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill”

*6) Justin Garcia (Master Chim) “Gender Identity Classes?”
*7) Jonathan Higbee: “Atheists Brainwashed By the Homosexual Agenda”

*8) Black Atheists of Atlanta: “Homosexual Bigotry.”

*9) Dr. David Starkey (Gay Atheist) “Gay Historian David Starkey Warns About a State Imposed Liberal Morality”

*10) Tommy Sotomayor (Agnostic) “Dear Gay People: Stop Comparing Your Sexuality To My Race!”

*11) Keith Mills (Gay Agnostic) “Ireland Gay -“Marriage” Referendum Debate.”

Source: Seculars Against Same Sex Marriage,” [Facebook Community], [8 March 2015?]; Found 8 July 2015 at:

**For my review of the contemporary debate surrounding Same Sex Marriage see: “Review of the Contemporary Debate“**

***For my own views on Same Sex Marriage see: “The Case Against Gay Marriage“**

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