In Case You Believe That Only Religious People are Pro-Life


Atheist, Agnostic and Otherwise Non-Religious Pro-Life groups:

1) Secularprolife

2) Prolife Humanists

3) Atheists Against Abortion

4) Atheist and Agnostic Prolife League

5) Pro-Woman Pro-Life

6) Libertarians for Life

7) Feminists For Life
[Not strictly secular, but very amenable to secularism].

8) Consistent Life
[Pacifist group not strictly secular, but ecumenical and amenable to secularism]

9) Democrats for Life
[Not strictly “secular” but admits and supports secular members and, compared to Republican pro-life groups it does not appear to be as religious]

10) Prolife Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

11) Seamless Garment

Sample Articles
Kathryn Reed, “Feminist, Prolife, and Atheist”
Patrick [Anonymous], “Confessions of a Prolife Atheist”
Kristine Kruszelnicki, “Yes There Are Pro-life Atheists Out There. Here’s Why I’m One of  Them”
Leslie Fain [catholic reporter], “Atheist, Secular, and Prolife”
Sarah Terzo, “On Being a Prolife Atheist”

3 thoughts on “In Case You Believe That Only Religious People are Pro-Life

    1. So you support Roe v. Wade and also want it abolished? I use the terms because they are conventional. But I’ve never met someone who tries to affirm both consistently, who is not also trying to justify a more fundamental abortion-choice stance. In other words, prochoice don’t want to admit that they advocate for the knowing and willful killing of their own offspring, their defenseless, innocent, living children in utero.

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