TCU barred from College Football Playoffs because of Bullying

The football fan-favorite Texas Christian University is coming under fire because of their smashing success in the last few games. Apparently, you can have too much of a good thing. College Football has no place for bullying and winning big means bullying. The College Football Playoffs commissioner commented saying, that “TCU has been trouncing opponents. And that’s bad for business and harmful to the self-esteem of opposing players. College football is about fairness and equity, but when teams like TCU are smashing opponents, it looks like some teams are clearly better than others. That’s damaging to team revenues and, more than that, it crushes the spirit of those college athletes who may never recover from that kind of defeat.”

When asked whether TCU’s victories are good sportsmanship, in the spirit of competition, the commissioner added, “When TCU wallops opponents like Texas Tech, Iowa State, or Ole Miss that is ‘bully’ behavior. It is clearly ‘unfair’ to weaker teams. We want teams in the playoffs who are roughly equal, so there can be good close games with established teams that have a huge fan base and generate lots of revenue. TCU offers none of that.” The commissioner added, “There is no place in the playoffs for bullies. We cannot have teams that are clearly better than the rest compete for the trophy because that would make the games lopsided, it would push out established teams with a wide fan base and lots of revenue, and it would let smaller schools think they have the same right to compete as bigger more profitable teams. We can’t have that.”

When asked about Florida’s state’s meme-worthy meltdown to the tune of 5 turnovers and a 39 point differential, the commissioner could only say, “Well, it’s Florida State. Plus, Florida State won games without ‘rubbing it in.’ They deserve to be in the playoffs because they managed to win without embarrassing other teams. They weren’t bullies like TCU. They won close games. They didn’t melt down until their biggest game. And by that time, all the tickets were sold. They can meltdown all the want as long as it doesn’t hurt profits. TCU however, they won big games and won by big margins. That’s bully behavior and that violates the spirit of fairness we try to uphold in college sports.”

May the best team win? Well, maybe next year.

2 thoughts on “TCU barred from College Football Playoffs because of Bullying


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