No, there was no Abraham Lincoln.

Apparently, the story of Abraham Lincoln is not what you think it is. For everyone used to believing what they are told, agreeing with the majority, and following “established” tales of U.S. and world history, this is a heavy dose of hyper-skepticism that should give even the Jesus-mythicists a shock.

There are a lot of people who obviously have put a lot of time into disproving abraham lincoln’s existence. It’s really quite entertaining. Don’t believe me? See the Alincolnist phenomenon for yourself. Or here:



4 thoughts on “No, there was no Abraham Lincoln.

      1. In terms of send-ups, I think atheists have theist beat. This is funny but not tongue in cheek.

  1. Atheism has nothing on theism… There is simply no evidence for atheism in that it is perpetuated on an emotional argument based on the atheists own inability to believe, additionally they use the logical fallacy argument from ignorance in that they claim if there is no evidence for something then it must not exist…

    Yet on the theist side there are are a variety of arguments based on logic / philosophy which support belief in God.

    Ontological argument
    Cosmological argument
    Teleological argument
    Moral argument
    etc etc etc..

    Its on this basis that pretty much every debate I watch about God its the theists who have the more logical argument, whereas the atheist attempts to use emotional arguments.

    This doesn’t even add in personal experience, as I am sure many Christians experience God.

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