A 1-Minute Pro-life Apologetic: “If You Don’t Know, Don’t Shoot.”

Many immoral practices aren’t murder, yet they aren’t fit for public policy. They shouldn’t be legal

In this way, abortion-choice policy can be morally and legally wrong, even if a raging debate persists over whether it’s murder. Besides murder, abortion can also harm, injury, trauma, ill-will, negligence, stealing, dehumanization, oppression, discrimination, exploitation, assault, manslaughter, eugenic killing, dereliction of duty, negligent homicide, cruel and unusual punishment, injustice, death profiteering, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, selfishness, pride, conspiracy to kill, wrongful death, wastefulness, playing God, objectifying human beings, mutilation, desecration, and familicide. Each of these moral wrongs is a looming allegation against abortion (i.e., abortion-practice, abortion-culture, or abortion-choice policy). These allegations constitute reasonable doubt.

Pro-lifers do not have to prove that abortion is murder or that fetal humans are persons since abortion could be discredited over other demerits. Pro-lifers only have to show that it’s bad policy, and there are many avenues to choose from (see above). One of those avenues may be called the “life bias.” Abortion is the timely and deliberate killing of morally and legally innocent non-threatening biological human life. Normally, that sort of killing cannot be permitted without overwhelming evidence justifying it, yet with that high level of evidence (beyond a reasonable doubt) human life deserves the “benefit of the doubt.” In this way, We should not pass a death sentence on anything less than reasonable certainty, that is, a certainty beyond reasonable doubt that that killing is justified. Simply put, “If you don’t know, don’t shoot.” For the reasons stated above, abortion-choice policy, culture, and practice present many morally suspicious tendencies; easily establishing reasonable doubt, and thus disqualifying abortion-choice from broad permission in public policy.

We can safely conclude that abortion-choice is moral wrong unfit for public policy because “if you don’t know, don’t shoot.”


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